Thursday, October 28, 2010

Goals for November

Well, I didn't even post any goals for October. Perhaps I somehow knew that I would get next to nothing done? All right-- to be fair, I've been working on responsible, "real life", adult kinds of things, like trying to find a job and getting my passport renewed (which was a three week long saga of intrigue and horror).
Note: I did manage to choreograph a new solo and rewrite chapter one of my novel, so I can't say I accomplished nothing in October. I also read my new favorite vampire novel (Let The Right One In, OMG OMG OMGOMGOMG so good so good) while on a return flight from England.
In any case, I've resolved that while continuing to try to be responsible and turn my Hindenberg-esque life around, I'm also going to accomplish some creative goals in November. I will just have to stop having leisure time altogether. That's okay, right??

Here are my creative goals for November:
-Finish third drafts for 1/3 of the remaining chapters of the novel.
-Keep practicing new solo choreographies and work on solo improv.
-Do more dance-related strength training.
-Work on promoting my new classes at World in Motion.
-Update my website. (this is a big one.)
-Start working on the Christmas present situation. (I always give handmade presents to my family and friends, usually because I am totally broke, and every year it is a huge time investment.)
-Make some more costuming items to sell.

And here's my responsible adult goal:
-Apply to a million jobs.

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