Wednesday, October 6, 2010

News from the Sara zone

Life got real, you guys.
My husband's car needs an engine replacement. We don't have the money to fix it, nor do we have the money to buy a new car. Since we both need a car to get to work, I've been driving him to work and picking him up every day. This wouldn't be so bad, but he works 45 minutes from where we live, in the opposite direction from my work. As a result, I've put myself on a No Procrastination Campaign because I have Not A Lot of Free Time Anymore. I am also on financial lockdown, defcon 5, in which I buy nothing that I don't immediately need, sell anything I can that I no longer use.
I tried to start doing a second pass at editing the first chapter of my book and decided that I hate the first chapter. All of it. So, now, I am rewriting the first chapter. All of it. I hope I won't feel compelled to do this with all of the book at some juncture or another, but I feel that it's necessary for the first chapter. I'm having fun with the rewrite, so that's good, at least.
I also got into playing Minecraft since my last post, perhaps as a way to escape my car-related worries. It combines pretty much everything I could ever want in a videogame into one thoroughly addictive package. However, even when I play it on the lowest graphical settings possible, it overheats my computer on a regular basis. When this happens, everything I've done in a given game will get corrupted. So I've resolved to quit. I should probably feel lucky; it was devouring my brain like a zombie, but not one that lights on fire and dies during daylight hours. I'm not sure if I would have had the willpower to stop if it hadn't been actively destroying my computer.
Oh well. You gives some, you takes some.

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