Wednesday, January 5, 2011

December recap and goals for January

Let's see how I did with my December goals! This goal check in will be in report card format.

-Promote my January classes at World in Motion. NO, FOR REAL THIS TIME.
S for Somewhat. I did some stuff to promote my classes. I probably could/still can do more. Thankfully, the enrollment isn't as slow as last session's was, so maybe I am seeing the fruits of my anemic labor.

-Update and simplify my website.
O for Outstanding. I hadn't done anything towards this goal until January 28, whereupon I looked at myself in the mirror, gave myself a pep talk, and then went downstairs and did the entire site in a single day. (The fact that my sister-in-law gave me one of her Adderall didn't hurt. True facts)

BONUS! I also made a Facebook fan page for myself on the same day! Do I need pharmaceuticals to be an effective self-marketer? Maybe.

-Practice all of my choreographies from 2010 so I don't start to forget them.
N for Not Exactly. I practiced one choreography out of three and one improv performance. But I did start practicing daily again, save for yesterday when I was sleeping all day due to a sinus infection, so... good job sort of meeting your goals, Sara!

-Come up with some new combinations.
D- for my proximity to total failure. I made a class choreography and one four count combination for myself, which might be too short to count for anything.

-Prepare a performance for Blue Moon's Winter Hafla (i.e. avoid doing this two days before the actual performance).
Well, I decided to do an old choreo, so I cut out the need to prepare anything. But, uh, that also means I didn't choreograph anything new. Mediocre!

-Blog more regularly about things that other people may actually find amusing.
TTS for That's Totally Subjective.

Go team!

So what are my goals for January? I'm glad you asked. I will share them with you now.

-Don't get sick again
-Continue practicing as daily as possible
-Clean up Draft 3
-Write a summary of the book
-Start researching literary agents
-Work on a new choreography
-Clean my damn house
-Eat less refined sugar
-Drink more water

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