Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chapter Three progress report

I started attempting to edit Chapter Three on Monday. I found that some of the scenes really seemed to drag and that they didn't feel real or authentic to me. The exchanges between the characters lacked energy; one of my characters did about twelve data-dump style explanations of various plot points; there was no tension.
You'd think I would be upset, coming to the realization that what I had written was crap. At first, I totally was. However, after mulling the issue over while driving (the best thinking time for me), I managed to figure out what I think is a great way to restructure the chapter. As I've started on the rewrite, I find myself really excited about the opportunity to do this over and do it right.
I'm not getting rid of everything. Some of the later scenes in this chapter are actually some of my favorite in the entire book. I'd like to think I can bring it all up to that level.
In any case, I think that my intuition regarding what works for my story and my characters is improving, and I'm excited about it.

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