Friday, August 20, 2010

Progress on August goals

Well, believe it or not, August will soon be over. It's time to check in with my goals for the month and see how I'm doing so far!

Goal One: Edit five chapters
I have edited SEVEN chapters! That's about half of the book. Gold star!!

Get the word count down by at least 5k.
I think I was insane when I made this my goal. I have only managed to cut out a little over 4k words. Still, that's almost enough to reach my goal. Silver star!!

Research how to write a good summary.
I haven't worked on this at all! No star!!

Write a pitch.
I've thought about this a few times and haven't written anything down. Demerit!!

Blog regularly.
I've blogged more than I've ever blogged before in my life-- at least once a week. Unicorn sticker!!

Read a book about vampires.
I read one book (Dracula) and started on another (Lost Souls by Poppy Z. Brite). A+!

I still have a few days left to attempt to do something about the summary and the pitch. Notice how I have a mental block about the stuff related to submitting this book for publication? Hmm.
I have a feeling that both the summary and the pitch are going to be difficult.I think condensing the plot to a summary will make it sound like all my characters are on speed or PCP. It is not a dreamy, atmospheric book. It is a book in which many things go down, and often.
The pitch is even scarier. For one thing, the book has two non-concurrent storylines and two(ish) protagonists. Do I just pitch the "main" storyline and have the other one be a secret? Even if I do this, the concept of the main storyline is sort of odd. The idea of condensing it to a sentence or two makes me apprehensive.
I didn't set out to write something so complicated, but I've come to find I am like the King Midas of complication-- everything I touch gets ambiguous and intricate and obtuse.
Oh well. I'm certainly overthinking this.
Are any of you lovely readers out there good at writing snappy copy? Any advice?

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  1. you also need a banana sticker for book editing trust falls or something.