Sunday, August 8, 2010

Progress report

I just finished the second draft of Chapter Three. Yay! So far, in my opinion, it is the most improved of the chapters-- it went from being one of my least favorite chapters to one of my most. Go Chapter Three!
I also submitted a micro-short story (1000 words) to a publication yesterday-- well, it's sort of a publication. It's actually a podcast-- a horror fiction podcast, to be specific. This isn't the first time I've submitted a short story to be published, but it's the first time I've submitted something I'm actually proud of. I'm proud enough of it that I will still like it if and when it gets rejected, which I'm sure is the likely outcome here. Of course I'm hoping it won't get rejected, but I won't mind if it does.
I'm hoping to write some more short shorts soon. They're fun to write. I like the challenge of trying to create a compelling story within a tiny wordspace.
All this and I also worked on some choreography this weekend. That's why my house is so hideously messy! Yay!

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